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We sell cannabis for medicinal purposes as well as for recreational use. However, you need to be above 21 years of age to buy products from us. We check identity cards and sell cannabis legally. 

The New Order Church is a legal cannabis dispensary. We sell hemp oil, tinctures, and CBD products. Our dispensary is open all seven days of the week for cannabis lovers.

We not only sell marijuana but provide complete service to the community. We treat all the customers equally and keep them informed about cannabis use and its benefits.

The New Order Church – Cannabis Dispensary is operated by a group of members who promote a holistic lifestyle. We believe in cannabis and its healing properties. Members can visit our dispensary for spiritual guidance, canna-based merch, and delivery. In addition to cannabis, we also offer a number of different types of hemp products, including CBD.


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Quality Cannabis Products

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The New Order Church – Cannabis Dispensary offers a variety of different cannabis products. Members can buy flowers, oil, edibles, and tropicals. Anyone can visit our dispensary and purchase marijuana, including edibles. We also offer delivery services for those who do not want to drive to the store.

Our mission is to help people find peace and happiness. Our community members can use cannabis for a variety of uses, such as for medicinal purposes. Our dispensary sells a variety of different types of cannabis, including oils, edibles, and concentrates. 

Located in the La Puente, the New Order Church – Cannabis Dispensary is a legal dispensary for medical cannabis patients in California. We offer a wide range of cannabis products, including CBD oil, prerolls, kief, and CBD oil. Among many offerings are a variety of edibles and concentrates, including smoked marijuana.

Our recreational dispensary is an excellent place to buy legal, medical cannabis. We offer a variety of products that are safe for individuals with a medical marijuana card. Customers can purchase a variety of cannabis products at our cannabis store. 

We also offer home delivery and cannabis education. If you’re looking for an organic cannabis product, you’ll find a wide selection of hemp and CBD oil at our dispensary.

Our dispensary is a popular place to buy marijuana and other cannabis products in Los Angeles. It is easily accessible and offers a variety of varieties. Aside from weed, we sell several other items, including gears, prerolls, and edibles. Our menu is extensive, with different types of marijuana extracts, types of prerolls, and multiple types of edibles.

All the products we offer are high quality. We test all the products to ensure their THC content. No matter what you purchase from us, there will never be any complaint about quality. You will get the best quality weed, prerolls, concentrates edibles, and vapes with us. 

Our Cannabis Mission

OUr focus is you the customer 

The mission of the New Order Church – Cannabis Dispensary is to help the community and promote healthy living. We are devoted to creating a positive impact on the community. 

We want to provide more options to their patients when it comes to cannabis. Our mission focuses on customer service and creating a pleasant shopping environment. Our staff strives to provide the best customer experience possible, and they do this by helping the customers and guiding them.

Our staff is trained to handle customer concerns, and the business is open to the public and community members. We aim to make the cannabis industry more accessible and more convenient.

As the mission of the New Order Church – Cannabis Dispensary is to help patients find the right marijuana products for their medical needs. We strive to make cannabis shopping easy and convenient for patients. With the focus on the customer experience, the mission aims to make the process of buying cannabis as easy and convenient as possible for patients. 

We want to serve the community by providing legal cannabis products to patients in nearby cities. Our mission is to provide high-quality products at an affordable price and to create a safe and convenient place to get marijuana.